Sunday, October 12, 2008


Some thoughts, wild ones, tickle my mind and the harder I try to let 'em go the more often they come again to tickle...

1. Is that possible that (car) insurance companies draw clients by encouraging car theft of uninsured cars? Such companies have access to car data base and to have one uninsured stolen is a powerful message to other thousands uninsured.

2. Is that possible that utilities companies like Pertamina and PLN never mean seriously for SAVE ENERGY slogan? If it is successful, since their nature is to make as much money as they can, the this is a cutting-its-own-throat management; the success implementation of it means lowered income and lowered income is not the reason why they are there for business.

3. Is that possible that private water bottled companies in such a way I can't explain, contribute to the deterioration of the environment and tell the government to tell its people that ground water is dangerous to drink? In Jakarta, people are made to believe that ground water is no longer safe; they have no choice but buy the bottled water. Next time, we would believe that we must buy bottled oxygen. Though not directly, it is a successful privatization of basic needs.

4. Is that possible that car manufacturers are responsible for the government's ignorance on the ever bad public transportation? I am talking about the ubiquitous pick pockets, thugs, reckless drivers, uncomfortable seats, etc. It is very obvious as soon as people have excess of money they will stop using the public transportation and buy a car. A good public transportation would mean fewer sedans to buy.

5. Is that possible that I am too responsible for all these?

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deagus (imas hazbn) said...

Read your "thoughts", i thus tickle to give a bit comments

1. In country like indonesia where database system inter department -either government or private companies like police, dispenda, insuranse companies etc still many have not integrated is rather difficult to get information or data what a car follow programme insurance or no. May be in police department database there is information colomn about insurance, but i am not sure what the colomn is filled or no since it is usually not mandatory colomn (may be it isnt important data). So, for know what a car follow the insurance programme or no is by ask the car owner or survey to every insurance companies.

2. I think that is very possible. Why..? because if SAVE ENERGY success then except degrade subsidy, PERTAMINA also can get bigger profit with sell more fuel in world market with more expensive price. To PLN, this program is important because nowadays PLN is still defisit electricity source. Different if PLN stock is affiuent.

3. I think is debatable. But i want to say that Water is basic needs is garanted by constitution, so should goverment can provide it free or lower price than now. No like now, the water price so expensive. Even if the fact ground water in jakarta is no longer safe, should it make water more expensive than fuel?

4. I dont think so, but absolutely its a knottier problem day to day.

5. It depends on whence we view

-aGoes (member of KelasKita)