Friday, October 10, 2008


If you want to make yourself MORE convinced that it takes more than an authority to control the country and the people, then you should miss how FPI with leader Rizieq acted when they were body-searched prior to entering the court room.

This court procedure is a routine thing and everybody knows that. But yesterday, October 9, this band of people openly resisted the authority when our police beganto do the job. Instead they refused and threatened the officers. Munarman, one of FPI key persons, even singled out one officer, demanding that this officer be taken care for having dared to touch him.
Rizieq the leader also managed to demonstrate his you-can't-touch-me attitude by being refused to be searhed and made an oration that the police should not have dared to apprehend him and his followers for what they did was to promote peace when they dispersed AKBP people marching in Monas area. And as you know, when it comes to public display, you have NEVER heard that FPI come clean in their act; building torched, windows shattered, etc. And for the AKBP case that occured on June 1, 2008, FPI left them with bleeding heads, beaten women and kids and stiched heads.

And so it goes, outnumbered or for some other reason, the police yielded and let thirty of them pass the court room without having checked them. Our cops just stood still as these men in white cursed them and hailed God's name. And you are too left wondering who actually runs this country...

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