Sunday, January 20, 2008


To show that Indonesians were destined to be inferior, the educated labeled Indonesian Bangsa Tempe. So, when corrupt practices are there, then it is because the Tempe mentality; when an athlete lost his or her game, then it was because of his or her Tempe mentality; when you do not understand me, then it is because of the Tempe you ate, making your brain unable to understand what I mean. I was joking.

But when the Tempe was gone from the market, then the educated themselves screamed for it, deploring that, were it not because of the Tempe, what would we be as a Nation?

Let's eat burger.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


The big guy is dying and suddenly everybody is paying a visit. I do not know if they want to make sure that he is dying or recuperating.

Ten years have passed and this buzz, this is not the first time we heard that he was taken into that hospital, distracts the much awaited courage from the government to declare that in many parts, he too was a villain, and was not always a hero . And as planned, the moment pushes the authority to believe that forgetting the wrongs is the only choice and everybody must take the same stance.

I read all these; the world's most corrupt being, the truth manipulator, the smiling dictator.

You wouldn't want any further.