Tuesday, January 8, 2013


I always love this blogger.com. I don't know why. Facebook, Twitter and a bunch of social medias have successfully turned me away from it but they have so far never made me more passionate to tell more of myself than this blog. I was burnt with all noises I found and made on Blackberry Messenger and suddenly I was like I wanted to be alone, away from those and to be closer to my own self. Like now. Looking back, I know that I did not do enough in 2012 to do so. This blog shows.

Thursday, August 25, 2011


It is a funny feeling when writing your thought was what you used to do and with no reason you abandoned it. Then like an old habit that can never give up on you, it just comes back.

It happened to me. I wrote everything. I wrote serious and stupid things. I remember when I could not contain myself and started writing as soon as I heard that a bunch of religious bigots took the law into their own hand because they disagreed with someone intrepreting verses in their holy book. I also tried to amuse myself and others, if it ever worked, by writing all the craze young girls are into because of what whitening lotion can do to their dark skin.

And here I am again, being ever more passionate after all this time to write again. It is not that I stopped doing what I love because I found it pointless; it was so much to write about but I did not know where to start from. Trying to find the perfect start I have been and I realized more than a year has passed; that provoking ideas have been nagging my conscience restlessly to be exposed and discussed openly.

I hope this is not another temporary demise.

Friday, February 19, 2010




I think you have fallen in love with some of them. I have. Every time someone asks me what makes me stay tuned, I will say that it is not the program but the commercials. I love A Mild ones as they amuse with critical display of what has been going on unresolved in our daily life. One version shows you all the daunting red tapes one would face when he has to obtain some permit or something, with all these officers' working efficiency is equivalent with how much money they are offered. How the product's another ad shows how we handle all this recurring flood also exposes the government as our best laughing stock.

Now let's get serious with those ads that pervert us, if I may say that way as they are corrupt and misleading and the government, again, has been the late party seeing it coming.

Those whitening lotions are the most troublesome, to me. I think they really need some restraints as they have been successfully encouraging ideas to women that the fairer skin they have got the better their life is. Displays like a woman having grim days when she still keeps that old dark skin and when she turns to be a joyful, more confident figure after she has used those whitening lotions (in seven days??!) are really sickening. You can imagine how their ideas would do even more to they young minds since their airing is not limited to certain hour slots like that of cigarettes. If some think that these FMG companies are wasting money airing their products, then somebody has to explain to us how they have paid and intensified the commercial.

Next are motorcycles or scooter ads. They have bombarded us with the idea that being fast is all that matters when it comes to riding this bebek. Well, the one with Valentino Rossi should tell us their message then. Everybody is being made oblivious how dangerous it is at the same time as motorcycle-related accidents just claim lives (or limbs) everyday. The simple truth is motorcycles have never been a safe mode of transportation. Come to any developed countries, or Japan, where Yamaha and Suzuki and Honda should roam the street more than they do here and you will not find only a very few ride. Mostly its use is so limited like, you know, you ran out of sugar and you feel like the Indomaret or Alfamart is not within your walking distance, though it is still in your neighborhood, then you use the motorcycle. It is nothing more than a motorized bicycle for doing stuff around your neighborhood and not for commuting nor long-distance travel.
The manufacturers may argue that it is the careless riding that causes all the accidents but when it comes to which is safer, of course, they must agree that the two-wheeled simply can not beat the four-wheeled. And so far, they have never included safety as an intrinsic property attached to motorcycle riding; they have come with one message only: SPEED.

And how about the other sickening ads? Well, we will have to wait for the 2014 general election when all political parties come up with the absurdly same message: prosperity and justice for all and of course, a clean government.

the thought you read above is also published by The Jakarta Post March 23, 2010.

Sunday, February 14, 2010


I know why people love the day but what confuses me much more than anything is that it can be an excuse to generate hate for some.

You may dislike Independence Day; you've got all the reason that there is nothing so independence as you are more enslaved with life difficulties than ever before. Ten years ago, your month salary was enough to pay groceries and movies and school but now you can spend it all only for your groceries.

But to despise Valentine, it takes life. I mean, the day is like a reminder that the beast inside should be tamed or put to rest, at least for one day.Unfortunately, some just do not share the same idea and love to hate love.

Their one classic argument is that you do not need to wait for one day to love and spend the other 364 days hurting one. OK, fine. But when asked why it is wrong if I make it more special than those other special days, then they become dumb. They should have told me at the first place that they fail to express emotion for the loved one.

The next most-heard is it is a pagan practice and you are guaranteed with the eternal hell if you take part. Well, I do not understand this. Is there so called virtue exclusively owned by one faith? I mean, if you do good for someone, like a chance to telling him or her I love you, then I will just go to hell for that?! Then, it is like if you tell him I love you, you go to hell and if you tell him I hate you, you go to heaven.

The last is the notion they throw at you that it is materialistic. Again, I am confused. If I give something, in this special day, to someone to show my respect or love, then it is normal. Some may either give or may not give a gift to show the love and I am fine with that. If they say materials are not the sincere form of true love, I agree. But who are they to judge that there is no sincerity in the giving?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Independence Gone Undelivered

The problem with Independence Day is that you did something grand and you claim that there is no way you could go back to the time you were not independent. It is like a moment in time you entered, or a line you crossed, that brands you are liberated and no more enslaved.

But as it hit sixty four years last Monday, am I mentally imprisoned to think that I am more and more captivated with whatever it is not independent, that I become disillusioned with the claim “I am free”? One such is the increasing apprehension of freedom to expressing and practicing faith. Last Saturday Aug 15, 2009, the Post reported that a group of people in Tangerang threatened one minority who held their religious service move out of the area or get their consequences and this kind of anarchy seems to have just been replicated all the time with impunity. This is serious in its nature because how I express my faith does not have to be the same with another’s template for faith practices and this would not have been unbelievably prevalent were the government taking serious measure against those who threaten and vandalize in the name of God. However, here political correctness has not allowed the government to say what it has to say when it comes to the minority’s belief.

Then came security. Ten years ago, I worried the least about the security, my own security. I am not saying no muggers were lurking behind but at least I was secure to know that no one would blow off himself in a public place. With the bombing of the supposedly tight security of JW Marriot and Ritz Carlton, I, if not everybody, am made confirmed that no place is safe and now a prisoner of my thought of terror. You could never say this is Independence.

But what has been taking me away is that the so called increasing costs of living; they disown me more and more of my times as I commemorate this Independence. Prices of daily needs, health, education, and housing have gone up so sky-high they do not bother me catching up haplessly; no matter how many hours I spend making money. I found myself chained to barely survive the day by working longer hours day after day month after month. To my knowledge it takes so much more than it did to enjoy whatever level of life quality I would like to choose. Somebody raised kids and was not bothered by what I am like expensive baby diapers, expensive schools, expensive everything; some ads have even suggested that I put money down payment and make installment for my casket to anticipate my death; they say on the spot price is beyond my reach and I know they just knew how to worry me to death. This Independence is not liberating me , at t least from the anxiety about if I can live a decent life.

Monday, May 4, 2009


Sometimes it takes the most vulnerable to bring down the untouchable and it could not be truer than knowing Antasari, man who has seeded fears and hatred in the hearts of those embezzling Indonesia's people's money, finally went down as the Police announced that he is the one responsible for the death of one of RNI's directors.

Nobody knew this caddy Rani; nobody would have wanted to know her either. But now she is everybody's talk of the town for she is believed to be responsible for the two married men fighting to win her that resulted in the death. Is a love game that one will always win because she or he loses? What I mean is, why should we finger point at only one of them for something that takes two?

True, the caddy should have known better that there was no way she could get into either man's life for BOTH are married. However, that knowledge too should have stopped the men from crossing the line. The men might say it was the woman who made the first move, but what counts is how they responded to it. And here we heard; one of the two won her and the other left burning and plotted his death.

My eyang Putri was right; it is always Tahta, Harta, dan Wanita.