Sunday, February 14, 2010


I know why people love the day but what confuses me much more than anything is that it can be an excuse to generate hate for some.

You may dislike Independence Day; you've got all the reason that there is nothing so independence as you are more enslaved with life difficulties than ever before. Ten years ago, your month salary was enough to pay groceries and movies and school but now you can spend it all only for your groceries.

But to despise Valentine, it takes life. I mean, the day is like a reminder that the beast inside should be tamed or put to rest, at least for one day.Unfortunately, some just do not share the same idea and love to hate love.

Their one classic argument is that you do not need to wait for one day to love and spend the other 364 days hurting one. OK, fine. But when asked why it is wrong if I make it more special than those other special days, then they become dumb. They should have told me at the first place that they fail to express emotion for the loved one.

The next most-heard is it is a pagan practice and you are guaranteed with the eternal hell if you take part. Well, I do not understand this. Is there so called virtue exclusively owned by one faith? I mean, if you do good for someone, like a chance to telling him or her I love you, then I will just go to hell for that?! Then, it is like if you tell him I love you, you go to hell and if you tell him I hate you, you go to heaven.

The last is the notion they throw at you that it is materialistic. Again, I am confused. If I give something, in this special day, to someone to show my respect or love, then it is normal. Some may either give or may not give a gift to show the love and I am fine with that. If they say materials are not the sincere form of true love, I agree. But who are they to judge that there is no sincerity in the giving?

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