Thursday, August 25, 2011


It is a funny feeling when writing your thought was what you used to do and with no reason you abandoned it. Then like an old habit that can never give up on you, it just comes back.

It happened to me. I wrote everything. I wrote serious and stupid things. I remember when I could not contain myself and started writing as soon as I heard that a bunch of religious bigots took the law into their own hand because they disagreed with someone intrepreting verses in their holy book. I also tried to amuse myself and others, if it ever worked, by writing all the craze young girls are into because of what whitening lotion can do to their dark skin.

And here I am again, being ever more passionate after all this time to write again. It is not that I stopped doing what I love because I found it pointless; it was so much to write about but I did not know where to start from. Trying to find the perfect start I have been and I realized more than a year has passed; that provoking ideas have been nagging my conscience restlessly to be exposed and discussed openly.

I hope this is not another temporary demise.