Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I do not know what they were thinking but they sure drew a high rating since many ads were seen in between TV One's exclusive show called Ramadan With Ryan Jagal From Jombong (Butcher From Jombang).

Ryan who coldbloodedly killed a dozen people and mutilated some of them for their possessions, their money, bike, etc, had his day as TV One 'exclusively' had us watch him put on his sad face and told all who saw him how sorry he was for what he had done. I do not know at all what their point by having him on our screen for there has been no slightest idea that there had to be something good you had to see him from one different angle. For the TV it sure was as he attracted more ads. And that, was good.

As this man finished doing his part the narrator continued how Ryan's apology drew mixed feelings and this is what we had for those representing the feelings; his mother and victims' parents. The mother of course would wanted people to understand and forgive his son's mistake, and the parents, so obviously, wanted him dead.
That is how they showed us how they defined mixed feelings.

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