Monday, May 4, 2009


Sometimes it takes the most vulnerable to bring down the untouchable and it could not be truer than knowing Antasari, man who has seeded fears and hatred in the hearts of those embezzling Indonesia's people's money, finally went down as the Police announced that he is the one responsible for the death of one of RNI's directors.

Nobody knew this caddy Rani; nobody would have wanted to know her either. But now she is everybody's talk of the town for she is believed to be responsible for the two married men fighting to win her that resulted in the death. Is a love game that one will always win because she or he loses? What I mean is, why should we finger point at only one of them for something that takes two?

True, the caddy should have known better that there was no way she could get into either man's life for BOTH are married. However, that knowledge too should have stopped the men from crossing the line. The men might say it was the woman who made the first move, but what counts is how they responded to it. And here we heard; one of the two won her and the other left burning and plotted his death.

My eyang Putri was right; it is always Tahta, Harta, dan Wanita.

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