Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Time is a funny matter; it just moves or flows like water unstoppably nonchalantly and along with the passed time grows our comprehension of meaning, life, and meaning of life...

If you want to know how time heals wounds, try meeting your old, very old friends. I have, and what comes after it's-good-to-see-you-again! is laughable recollection. Some pasts are regrets, complete failures, unbearable pains but what happened ten or so years ago just does not matter anymore when old friends meet. I have to agree to that saying, Time Heals All Wounds. Take my (past) pain as the example. Fifteen years ago I got this she-is-more-than-just-a-friend feeling sweeping me off my feet and did whatever I could to make her mine, only to learn very clearly her choice for that Pajak boy. But now, telling her, this Stella Duce alumnus, again how I was just makes it so nostalgically laughable and sweetens up all conversation we would have. If some say that even twenty years do not change anything, then they may need twenty one or twenty five.
The bottom line is, no one can stop the time from doing the healing.

You may recall that you thought some people you know would not make a bright future and some just would have it so easily. Those, you thought they would not, were the typical hanging out of the class too much, those not scoring well in school, or not having resources. Past assessments that some who would make them ideal citizens were those going to public university, hitting four for GPA, or having the hottest boyfriends. Whatever it was, some judgments had to be there to hail or to doom.
But look, time just surprises us. Those labeled Quasimodo (the despicable-looking character in Hunchback of Notre Dame) have turned up to be the hailed Prince Charming. And at the same time, those believed to be the most settled because of their money are now struggling for their basic survival doing menial jobs.

And with all of these we have come to learn the wisdom that time really transforms people and their understanding of practically everything. And judging (someone) is like denying haplessly what time obviously can do to his or her life.

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