Tuesday, July 22, 2008


You are seeing all these banners practically defacing the already city streets and what you can do is thinking "Not again..!"

The General Election is coming and those politicians have been trying to excite us with something of no substance. In here, promises are just constructed words to complete the election. You will surely hear ALL of them say such as "I will lower oil price and liberate education so everyone will taste the prosperity".

And these promises will go together with out-of this-world encouragement with some saying "if you are a good Moslem, you must choose me", or "Let us pray that the enemy of Allah, the rest of them, will see our victory in this Election".

People enjoy these noises and hocus pocus for some reasons. Some just can not afford entertainment anymore as their existence does not allow them even to spend a dime on anything except their very survival and some are just too ignorant and stupid to admit that it is not (one) religion words that shape their better future, so they keep living with the idea that if it is not us who leads this nation then it is never them. It is neither empty promises that make everything all right when the election is over but well proposed programs of theirs they will be held accountable.

Hidup SBY!

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