Thursday, July 24, 2008


It is not he or she who is with the money that rules.

The good news is you are rich. The bad news, you just do not know it. Let me awaken you that you are.

1. You are healthy. Go to hospital and you will meet those who pay for the oxygen they breathe. You are not gonna say they are richer just because they are able to pay for it, are you? Or, are you going to crybaby because paralyzed guy can afford a wheelchair made of gold while you just go around here and there on your feet because you can not buy one? I don’t think so.
Keep looking and you can not miss being grateful for this.

2. You are a free person. Deciding over everything is a sign of freedom, a privilege a poor guy does not have. I am talking about these: I know someone who makes his fortune by working for a cigarette company and he knows there is nothing right about selling the puff but maintains he does it because he has no choice. The fact that he can not leave the job, though he knows he should, shows that he is not free (and I am not too harsh to say that he is enslaved in any kind). I too can tell you about Fitri, a doctor I know, who shows the world her freedom; she left her job as a doctor for a big hospital, saying that if she stayed there, there would be too many a practice she would have to compromise and it is all wrong and against her conscience. She was talking about “improper” deals she could not have avoided with the hospital’s management and pharmaceuticals. This freedom cuts deep on her income as she now practices in her own small clinic.
I can go on with my recollection on those others who demonstrate their richness in their ability to make a decision that paralyzes them financially but they still get on with the decision and as a result they make themselves rich in a way money can not buy.
If a rich man never worries with the money, are you not rich already because you are not worried with it?

3. You are a giver. So you still think one who makes Rp. 100 million a day is richer than you? Or one who lives in a big house in Pondok Indah? Look, they do not make any difference to those who are in need. One million Rupiahs spent by one guy for a plate of lunch does not drive away the hunger in another man’s stomach. But give this hungry man Rp. 1000, it will surely appease the hunger to some degree and it means the world to him. One guy who might have spent one billion Rupiahs for his bedroom does not make a homeless fellow sleep tight. But contribute any amount for an organization that shelters the homeless, you will have helped reduce their number on the street.
It is not how much you have, but it is how much you give that counts.

Even King Solomon would envy me..

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