Friday, May 9, 2008


As life did not satisfy to see you suffer for daily survival, it now comes big time with this impending increased price of the oil; one of the things the government can not stop it from being more and pricier. The consequence is clear; prices go up and all you are left wondering how you make it through. But the core of the problem, in my opinion, is that what we have done has paradoxically survived the ever increasing price; we have tried anything but kept or even made it lower. People in the higher income level start buying cars and those in the lower income buying motorcycles as soon as they hear it is hiked, thinking it costs less if they commute by theirs. This buying action on the contrary is pushing, if not keeping, rather than lowering the oil price as the new cars and motorcycles increase the total demand and deplete the oil supply. And as you know it, when the supply side is less than the demand, then the upward adjustment, a.k.a new more expensive price, takes place.

People are encouraged to buy and not to save because the economies, as we believe it, run when people keep consuming. When you buy new clothes, ready to eat food, cars, etc, you keep pumping the production of these items and their production has always involved the use of the electricity. As you know, our PLN generates the electricity by consuming the oil (supplied by Pertamina) and when you buy any of the products, you indirectly ask more of the oil. That is one more reason why you can never see the oil price go lower.

So what to do? First, live simple (for the urban and ultra chic you, this is not a good idea, I suppose). Just buy less and be content with the life you have. Besides, you are too smart not to know that you just cannot quench your thirst for more by possessing more. But when you can Second, use the public transportation (certainly, it is not a very good idea for PT Astra). I know it is not a good idea, knowing all these pickpockets, thugs, and those horrible things you'll find in there. Anything you think helps reduces the consumption of the oil is already half of this battle.

Start now with Bike To Work.

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Azharliqoh said...

The indonesian’s Oil……where do u go??
In my opinion about the increses of oil prices in the world nowadays(about US$127/barrel), indonesia should can enjoy it, because indonesia is one of oil producer country, but because the quality of our oil is the best in the world so the government’s policy is we export our crude oil out country and instead we import gasoline because is cheaper than own producing.

Because that reason, many foreign country want the Indonesian’s oil. And in the fact, Blok Cepu has been owned by Exxon Mobile USA, Blok Natuna has been owned by Fujinta Corporation Japan., Tembagapura has been owned by Freeport USA. And PLN buys oil from Sheel to fulfill requirement of its (the power station ) because cheaper. Where the Pertamina??

Likely I want to cry sees the obsolence of our Indonesian’s government. Now the best we can do is efficiency the uses of our vehicles and if you can, changes your vehicles with bicycle. I believe many advantages that we can get from the uses of bicycle ; (1) your body will get healthy(2) you can reduce air pollution so you can save the earth(3) you can reduce your oil expenditure so you can scrimp(4) you can decrease the consumption of oil state(5) if all citizen use it can increase the producing of bicycle so they can create the work field of bicycle’s company.

Guys…Don’t be shame uses the bicycle. Be Proud of BTW (Bike To Work) community.
Follow their way

With love from
Indra AzharliQoh AhmadineJaD el Faqir