Tuesday, April 29, 2008


As if securing people’s physical matters is not enough, some took a step further with the spiritual one. Last month governors of Tangerang, Bandung, and Depok took the like measure on Dewi Persik, a Dangdut singer; she is not allowed to stage in their territories. Their grounds are that her stage performance is too ‘sexy’ and may lead young people into sex conducts. They said what they were doing was to voice the public and it fully supported their action.

Dewi Persik’s case is not the first of its kind. Another Dangdut singer, Inul Daratista, known for her gyrating hip moves, too was condemned for her stage performances by those public figures claiming responsible as moral guardians of people.
So far these people could not prove how the performances had been responsible for the moral decadence.

Though seen by many as nothing but a cheap fad that distracts people from more important concerns like skyrocketing daily commodities, those individuals, in the name of morality and faith, have many times successfully gotten away with that and left the other party unable to defend, let alone to retaliate.
Take for example, DEWA, Indonesia’s premier rock band, had to redesign the album cover because somebody, claiming he represented Islam, said the cover insulted Allah and thus insulted Islam. The band had it redone; they were left numb with their room for reasoning.

Unfortunately, the government has not been decisive in this matter; it seems it’s best to leave it in God’s appointee’s hand.

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