Tuesday, December 4, 2007


I am just pathetic

December 6, 2007, METRO TV'S KICK ANDY will confront AA Gym, a man once seen the ideal example of what a man should be, particularly when it comes to man and woman relationship. A cleric, he has always delivering speeches that promote equality for men and women, a strikingly different view held by many Indonesians who practice polygamy and see women as sex objects.

Last year, he made a breaking news by taking a widow as his second wife (at the same time he still keeps the first wife). When asked why he simply did what he was against, he said that there were lots of things people should be minding rather than his OWN business. He also said this was HOW God humbled him (so people should start seeing that he was just a man).

Upon hearing that grand excuse, I feel so stupid.

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