Monday, September 1, 2008



To observe this month, let's safely stack away your porn DVDs and those skin magazines. It only takes one month before you can go back to this business of pleasure. And since un-subscribing is just a click away, I think you too can temporarily stop the mailing lists delivering those picture perfect scantily clad girls.

And maybe it is time for you NOT to see or even call the one your girlfriend or wife doesn't know or if she might have tried to, you have always successfully convinced her that the one is just a friend or business partner; you know that 'just friend' has been more than a friend and the truth about it must not leave any regret to your spouse she deserves to kill you twice. Remember, it is only a month.

This is the month you show the world you too can be out of this world. Talk and act God.
You have done more than enough the other eleven months; you've sworn and cursed even the smallest thing and in these thirty days that everything that comes out of your mouth is only utterances that make others envy for the religious you. Suffer them more by showing that I can give to the needy; you know people have always been impressed by handsome amount of giving and have never questioned how you got it. As soon as the thirtieth day is over, you can blatantly claim 'payback time you fools'.

Never has appeasing God been this easily sweet...

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