Sunday, October 12, 2008


Some thoughts, wild ones, tickle my mind and the harder I try to let 'em go the more often they come again to tickle...

1. Is that possible that (car) insurance companies draw clients by encouraging car theft of uninsured cars? Such companies have access to car data base and to have one uninsured stolen is a powerful message to other thousands uninsured.

2. Is that possible that utilities companies like Pertamina and PLN never mean seriously for SAVE ENERGY slogan? If it is successful, since their nature is to make as much money as they can, the this is a cutting-its-own-throat management; the success implementation of it means lowered income and lowered income is not the reason why they are there for business.

3. Is that possible that private water bottled companies in such a way I can't explain, contribute to the deterioration of the environment and tell the government to tell its people that ground water is dangerous to drink? In Jakarta, people are made to believe that ground water is no longer safe; they have no choice but buy the bottled water. Next time, we would believe that we must buy bottled oxygen. Though not directly, it is a successful privatization of basic needs.

4. Is that possible that car manufacturers are responsible for the government's ignorance on the ever bad public transportation? I am talking about the ubiquitous pick pockets, thugs, reckless drivers, uncomfortable seats, etc. It is very obvious as soon as people have excess of money they will stop using the public transportation and buy a car. A good public transportation would mean fewer sedans to buy.

5. Is that possible that I am too responsible for all these?

Saturday, October 11, 2008


"By 2009, teachers' minimum take home pay is Rp 2 M (around US$ 200)" says our Minister of Education Bambang Sudibyo. This statement received enthusiasticly positive response from more than 5,000 teachers attending his Halal Bihalal in Probolinggo. Before the year comes, this statement opens our eyes on how much or more appropriately, how little, our teachers especially the part timers have been paid all this time.

For us to know, part time teachers have always suffered MORE. This suffering of course is in term of how much they make every month. It does not matter where they teach, be it private or public schools, they have been disadvantaged with this part-time teacher status. However, voicing concerns to the schools they work for is unlikely as it means sacking. I have talked to them and salary conversation has always found its way to be their favorite topic. This is unavoidable; when you are being paid Rp 800,000 per month (less than what you need to survive the expensive Jakarta), then you are disposed to this salary talk.
And this is what I have found and for political correctness I am not to mention names:
1. One of Indonesia's biggest Islamic schools pays only Rp. 700,000 for its teacher every month.
2. One Catholic school pays Rp. 1,000,000 for the teachers who teach fro from morning to afternoon. Teaching has always been a ministry and someone asking more salary in this kind of school is considered out-of-mission.

For your information, each school above their students pay at least Rp 400,000 per month and each class there at least comprises of forty students.

What makes this condition prevail is that there is no mechanism that regulates these part timers; the government has not been clear-cut on this issue.

So before that day comes, I think it is better for parents to ask the school if it does not only brag about how best it can give to their children. Ask also how much it has done to its teachers; that it is doing its best to the most important element in your kid's education, the teacher.
After all, no one can't expect very much from someone whose basic rights are denied to do his or her best for their children.

Friday, October 10, 2008


If you want to make yourself MORE convinced that it takes more than an authority to control the country and the people, then you should miss how FPI with leader Rizieq acted when they were body-searched prior to entering the court room.

This court procedure is a routine thing and everybody knows that. But yesterday, October 9, this band of people openly resisted the authority when our police beganto do the job. Instead they refused and threatened the officers. Munarman, one of FPI key persons, even singled out one officer, demanding that this officer be taken care for having dared to touch him.
Rizieq the leader also managed to demonstrate his you-can't-touch-me attitude by being refused to be searhed and made an oration that the police should not have dared to apprehend him and his followers for what they did was to promote peace when they dispersed AKBP people marching in Monas area. And as you know, when it comes to public display, you have NEVER heard that FPI come clean in their act; building torched, windows shattered, etc. And for the AKBP case that occured on June 1, 2008, FPI left them with bleeding heads, beaten women and kids and stiched heads.

And so it goes, outnumbered or for some other reason, the police yielded and let thirty of them pass the court room without having checked them. Our cops just stood still as these men in white cursed them and hailed God's name. And you are too left wondering who actually runs this country...

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I do not know what they were thinking but they sure drew a high rating since many ads were seen in between TV One's exclusive show called Ramadan With Ryan Jagal From Jombong (Butcher From Jombang).

Ryan who coldbloodedly killed a dozen people and mutilated some of them for their possessions, their money, bike, etc, had his day as TV One 'exclusively' had us watch him put on his sad face and told all who saw him how sorry he was for what he had done. I do not know at all what their point by having him on our screen for there has been no slightest idea that there had to be something good you had to see him from one different angle. For the TV it sure was as he attracted more ads. And that, was good.

As this man finished doing his part the narrator continued how Ryan's apology drew mixed feelings and this is what we had for those representing the feelings; his mother and victims' parents. The mother of course would wanted people to understand and forgive his son's mistake, and the parents, so obviously, wanted him dead.
That is how they showed us how they defined mixed feelings.


Two days ago a mutilated body was found in a Mayasari Bakti bus heading to Kali Deres and this is not the first. Others took place weeks earlier and this time the doer boiled the poor guys after killing them. Does killing now venture a new line, no longer stoppong at the point of someone's life being taken away???

It seems the law charges someone more for his planning than his executing.

If a planned murder was executed then the executor must face the death penalty. Planning and then taking someone's life is believed to be the most evil act and it deserves the direst punishment. However, one who stabbed someone else to death immediately for he couldn't take the other man's undermining joke on him will likely face a lighter sentence. It produces the same end but different legal action; the presence of foresight of the action really counts.

But what I wanna state is why mutilation cases do not produce a capital punishment? People say that one mutilation with no planning attached does not qualify for this kind of punishment. True, but does dismembering a dead body show the same sadistic stance with planning to kill one? It might be inevitable that someone lost his cool and produced a lethal action he would regret but continuing this action by butchering the dead shows that the logic or foresight of what an ordinary man would have perceived can not be certainly deemed "something unplanned".

Or could they say that whatever a living one does to a dead body is not legally the same with what he could have done to a living one? If that is so, then chopping time is like a legitimate extended pleasure.